Liam Gallagher: Electric Brixton


After waiting years for the Rock and Roll star to return he RETURNED! Loudly, wrapped up in an iconic coat and as Liam-like as you can imagine! Even before the man of the evening entered the stage, the atmosphere was incredible. Different generations were all hands in the air and singing/shouting along to the likes of The Stone Roses and The Sex Pistols.

Then the lights go down and the electric guitar begins to strum, instantly I’ve lost a shoe, my friends and half the crowd is covered in SUPERSONIC (gin and tonic). The chant from the 90’s ‘LIAM LIAM LIAM’ starts to surge through Brixton and the familiar angry persona of Liam Gallagher opens the night shouting the lines from a Beatles classic ‘I am he, as you are he, as you are me, and we are all together’ (I Am The Walrus).

I felt like I’d been hurled back into 1996 as Oasis classics were bouncing off the walls! Not one person was seated nor did they have closed lips.

The Venue suited Gallagher, he may not have sang about a women who’s in a family full of eccentrics but he sure managed to make the night Electric. Electric Brixton was a small venue but it felt HUGE! Liam was back and everybody in that room knew it, was Oasis back too? Maybe not but that Oasis revolution had certainly risen from the dead and awoken that indie rock star in every member of the Parka loving audience.

Along with ‘What’s The Story Morning Glory’, Liam belted out new music from his at-the-time upcoming Album ‘As You Were’. Fans around the room were singing back the lyrics to ‘Wall of Glass’ which had merely been available for 24 hours. The kitted out in Pretty Green crowd settled during the unreleased songs which created a fantastic contrast throughout the night.

Gallaghers voice struggled slightly with some of the newer material, in his up-coming song ‘For What it’s Worth’ saw Liam move away from his normal portrayal of being a rock ‘n’ roll star to a sensitive songsmith. Very uncharacteristically vulnerable was Liam as his song had more tender moments. It wasn’t until back-to-back Oasis tracks played that the cool-cagoule wearing gent showed his effortless and manic side which predictably caused the crowd to charge forward with applause and excitement.

The Manchester bombing at the MEN Arena had not long happened and as the iconic frontman’s solo gig was coming to an end, fans started to chant for the 22 and for Manchester in general. The whole night was an emotional rollercoaster! The Brit-pop legend dedicated an acoustic version of Live Forever to the families of those effected. Even though this gig was in London, the North-South divide was diminished. At the end of the day those people effected were concert goers and everybody deserves to come home after what should have been one of the best nights of their lives!

This gig was up there on my long list of highly- rated live concerts. Probably one of the best gigs that I’ve experienced, from the music to the atmosphere to going to a pub with new pals after. This night was emotional and moving but what a fantastic show!

Watch Liam Gallagher dedicate Live Forever to the MCR victims at Electric Brixton.


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  1. Jackie · November 28, 2017

    Brilliant reading, feel as if I was there with you sharing the experience

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