Worth a Listen: The Oi Oi’s

New Single – Need To Breathe.

New Band with a new single. London based alternative-rock band The Oi Oi’s have just released Need to Breath and it will have you singing the chorus all day long! It kicks off pretty much with a heavy riff and the guitars throughout bring a real energy, especially the instrumental sections nearer to the end. In-fact the guitar sections almost bring a vibe similar to The Amazons at times with their song Black Magic. Not identical but both very electrical and you can just imagine the song bringing the same sort of energy to a live audience.

The song has a real sort of 90’s vibe about it and the lyrics are very relatable. After listening to it a few times, I realised I was singing the chorus, very catchy (can’t get it out of my head). This is the sort of song you’d turn up in the car, wearing sunglasses, head bobbing.

The sound is professional and the vocals have a Liam Fray (Courteeners) tone just with an added London accent… This makes is pretty authentic. I’m pleasantly surprised at the song especially the lyrics, I think many of you can put your own situations to the words and get a sense of the song understanding you. For example “I want you to know you’re not alone when you want to jump” and “You wanted to fly, there’s a mountain to climb”.

After speaking to vocalist Wilfy we found out that the song is heavily influenced on his own personal experiences. In his own words he describe Need to Breath as “a metaphor about life being a mountain to climb. To get to the top of the mountain there’s a breath taking view but only a few will make it. It’s about knowing you’re not alone in life and when things get tough, to remember the people that love you and to refocus, center and reach the top! Like someone you love saying its ok, let go but I won’t let you go. When you’re so high up that it takes your breath away and its frightening looking down. Its ok, look down because there’s a voice inside you that says I won’t let you down.”

The quartet similar to Pink Floyd, formed whilst studying music at the University of Westminster and describe themselves individually “Conor’s a poet, Wilfy’s a town crier and Joel’s the heartbeat of the band. The Oi Oi’s”.

Heavily influenced by The Jam, Oasis and The Libertines, The threesome get their tagline from what a young pre-fame Peter Doherty (Libertines) said on MTV about Liam and Noel Gallagher. Doherty described Noel as a poet and Liam a “town crier”.

Listen to Need to Breath below:

One comment

  1. Meg · June 2, 2018

    love the name!! Defo giving them a listen


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