Arctic Monkeys: Do Believe the Hype

Arctic Monkeys – Do Believe the hype.

As predicted Arctic Monkeys are back and they’re going to take over the world, ahem, I may be a little excited… In fact, who isn’t excited after half a decade of minimal to zero Turner action? The odd collab here and there, karaoke every now and then, covers… Come on give us some new music! Finnnnnaly five years later ‘Brianstorm’ fans can stop speculating. The hype comes after the band announce their sixth album ‘Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino’, which you lucky people can get your hands on this Friday! (11THMay).

AM slipped a few of their unreleased songs into the world at their comeback gig in San Diego, LA, last week and although the foursome have spent time apart, the music was seamless and I’m sure every member in the audience would have given a big five out of five stars for each new song they’d witnessed. Catch a glimpse of ‘4 Out of 5’ below, one of their highly awaited tracks.

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Alex and his monkeys are well known for their complex lyricism so, it’s no surprise that their upcoming album has a bizarre track list. With song names such as; ‘The World’s First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip’, ‘The Ultracheese’ and ‘Golden Trunks’, only adds to the anticipation to hear each track for the first time. There are rumours that the lyrics are deeply rooted with real life experiences. So, ladies and gents the time has come to unpick each word to find out who the sunglass-loving front man truly is. What is behind those shades? Will the songs reveal a ‘Certain Romance’? Does a band member only call when he’s high? I suppose the rock foursome are ‘the only ones who know’.

The band really are trying to pull out all the stops and create a real hype around their up-coming album, the secrecy up until last month was unbearable but now there are events appearing on a global scale! The oddest of them all has to be the announcement of a one-off mini film festival based in Sydney.  Fans down under will get the chance to watch five of the band’s favourite films at the Golden Age Cinema and Bar this weekend.

The Sheffield mob have also announced the opening of a series of pop-up shops, again on a global scale. On the records release date (this Friday!) and the following weekend you can get your hands on some limited-edition merch that, I bet will make you look good on the dance floor… Shops will be in Sheffield (obviously), New York, Sydney, Paris, Berlin and Tokyo.

Of course, we have to talk about their up-coming tour which pretty much sold out instantly, no surprises there. Talk about band demand of the year, I mean if you haven’t got your hands on a pair of tickets, then I’m assuming you’re currently in the process of working out how the hell you’re going to get into one of the stadiums (without security seeing). Don’t worry the ‘Arabella’ artists are touring for a good few months, you’ll have more than one chance to try…

Coming to an arena near you, check out Arctic Monkeys UK tour dates below

















Mike drop.

The Most Anticipated Album Releases of 2018

What We Know So Far…

February 9th: Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending

Franz Ferdinand is returning with a new band member, Julian Corrie, who’ll add electronics into the music, they’re trying new things but frontman Alex Kapranos says “It’s still us”. Music in their up coming album is said to be based on real experiences so you’ll definitely get a glimpse into their rock ’n’ roll lifestyle. Check out their first single ‘Always Ascending’ below.

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March 9th: The Fratellis – In Your Own Sweet Time

After four albums the Scottish trio are extremely excited to announce their fifth album ‘In Your Own Sweet Time’. They will embark on a tour across Canada and the US before touring the UK ending on their home turf in Glasgow. The Fratellis have release their first single ‘The Next Time We Wed’ from the album. Have a listen below.

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May 25th: Snow Patrol – Wildness

The Northern Irish-Scottish band have teased fans with content from their upcoming album ‘Wildness’ which is their seventh studio album. In an interview with NME, lead singer Gary Lightbody revealed he had to over come writers block an in fact every song that had been written for the album has been scrapped and replaced by new ‘mind-boggling’ material. They’ve started to announce festival dates. Up to now you can grab tickets to BBC’s Music event ‘Biggest Weekend’ to catch a glimpse of their new material. Watch a sneak peak of the the new content below.

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Unscheduled and TBA:

The 1975 – Music For Cars

Lead guitarist and vocalist Matty Healy has teased a potential release date being 1st June! According to Rolling Stones, the singer-songwriter states that ‘Music For Cars’ “[Is] definitely the end of an era”. Does this mean it’s the end for our beloved boy band? Fans might also notice that the foursome are reusing the name of one of their earlier EP’s. According to an interview with NME Healy reveals “We’re using it as the album title now because of how meta and self-referential everything has become in the world of The 1975, and ‘Music For Cars’ was always my favourite title of everything we’d ever done, so it kinda made sense to wrap it up that way.” Up to now the track list is very hush-hush but via the frontmans’ Instagram, fans have been delighted to see potential new tracks one of which is called ‘Jesus Christ 2005 God bless America’.

Arctic Monkeys 

Rumours rumours rumours! Every indie/rock/alternative loving fan is either struggling to contain their excitement or is exhausted with having to wait for new AM material. The band have be ridiculously tight lipped about the whole project but this is the year! 2018 will see the Northern English band return with a whole new sound! With several festival dates now announced, we’re expecting new music to be out by Summer. Front man Alex Turner, according to NME has been ‘touring with Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme and Dean Fertita – and, of course, the legendary Iggy Pop. [Apparently Turners] drums drums sound as swaggering and slick as anything he’s done with Arctic Monkeys – hopefully he’ll bring some of that vibe to the next album’.  


The band’s frontman Dan Smith recently spoke to NME about the band’s third album, saying: “We never really stop writing and recording, but I can confirm we spent a lot of this year [2017] writing our third album.” You can expect an apocalyptic party record as ever from Bastille. They have also hinted about a mixtape containing other artists. It’s full steam ahead for the four and extremely intriguing for fans!


Electro-rockers Muse, haven’t been hesitant to promote their upcoming album however there is still no title or release date. 2017 was a huge year for the band, with them spending the majority of their time on stage touring. What did they do in their spare time you may ask? Of course like any band  running on a high, they raked up some studio time. According to the band itself, a new song ‘Thought Contagion’ will be released soon. According to Forbes, “[f]rontman Matt Bellamy has recently stated that the album might not arrive until 2019…but late 2018 looks perfect at the moment”.

The Prodigy 

There seems to be a lot of bands returning this year and the old school dance band The Prodigy are one of them! Back in 2015 they announced that they would no longer release studio albums. Fast track that three years and here we are, the Essex threesome are hard at work on their seventh album after joining forces with BMG. EVP from BMG Korda Marshall has said “The Prodigy are one of those bands who define an entire sound and can justifiably claim to be among the architects of contemporary music”. Will this album be one of the most important records of 2018?

2018 We’re Expecting You


Who to look out for this year!

Stereo Honey

The growing popularity of Stereo Honey comes by no surprise. Their indie rock modulations that express pensive sadness has clearly touched the hearts and minds of many, their music is very easy to listen too. With a similar sound to Wild Beasts the London-based foursome have just released ‘Monument’ an EP that they’ll be performing songs from in upcoming shows and festivals. Including Great Escape Festival and the Neighbourhood Weekender alongside the likes of The Courteeners and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Watch this space!

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Black Honey

The Brighton based indie foursome have actually been around for some years, very under the radar, just the way they like it according to lead vocalist Izzy Baxtar “If it was my way we’d still be a secret band”. However, their songs are too good to be kept in the dark. The band released two EP’s in 2017 ‘Somebody Better’ and ‘Dig’ and have been touring and supporting Royal Blood across Europe, including dates at Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds and London’s Ally Pally. The frontwoman quotes that she feels “like [she’s] really coming into [her] own with a new direction concerning hip-hop drums,” citing Canadian documentary ‘Hip-Hop Evolution’ as one particular influence. The latest single ‘Dig’ which honours the last moments of a relationship before everything falls apart has been a great hit across mass audiences of indie fans. You can catch the band in the UK this June at the huge Finsbury Park.

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 Isaac Gracie

Not only 2018 but if this kid can put his worries aside he could take the up-coming years by storm. His acoustic work is addictive to listen to, it has that head-bobbing, foot-tapping thing going on. In his 2017 EP ‘The Death OF You AND I’ in particular the song ‘Since the Death of You and I’, takes on more rocky riffs in between melodic versus. It really takes you by surprise. For an awkward anxiety riddled artist the talent seems to pour out of his lyrics. In a previous interview with NME they quoted Gracie to [be causing the biggest ruckus the UK’s music scene has witnessed yet]. After the release of ‘Terrified’ in November Isaac is jumping into 2018 with European dates. The long-haired bedroom-songwriter will be back in the UK on 27th January.

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 Brooke Bentham

21-year-old Brooke Bentham was popping up in all places during 2017. Talk about breaking the festival scene, the singer-song writer performed songs from her debut album ‘The Room Swayed’ at the likes of Latitude, Reading and Leeds and Green Man. Listening to her music you almost feel a blanket of sadness cover you as she brings heaps of emotion to light in the songs ‘If I Was Dead’ and ‘Have to Be Around You’ Her lyrics seem to be ahead of her times, almost as if a wise woman with words of wisdom has spoken. It’s easy to forget that’s she’s only just entered her twenties. Bentham has a Northern Soul about her, being from just outside Newcastle and I personally think this adds to the sentiment of her symphonies. Brookes music is a classic mix of alternative rock mixed with Angel Olsen moody vocals. After releasing ‘Loosing Baby’ in October you can look forward to a tour kicking off late January.

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The band who describes themselves as ‘dark alt pop with heavy riffs’ who supported Drenge throughout 2017 has four up-coming UK dates starting this month! The four-piece from Brighton dropped their EP ‘Heavy’ in October and with their mix of rock, hip-hop and pop, their songs have aspects that most people would enjoy. The band is building a reputation of having incredible live shows that are oozing with energy.

Video from Yonaka Music Youtube

Sam Fender

I think Fender has managed to fill a gap in the indie music scene as you can forget about love songs. His material includes topics such as government issues, fake news and harassment. His self-released single ‘Play God’ entered the market in early 2017 and the best thing about the single is that it was recorded in his own garden shed… you’d never know. Sam Fender clearly understood that any show is worth a shot and after gigging in local pubs, he ended up supporting the likes of Hozier and Catfish And The Bottlemen. Later in 2017 he released the single ‘Millennial’, I’m pretty sure millennials can relate to this song on many levels, it’s a response to the media’s negative portrayal of youngster in this century. Expect more brilliant songs from this 21-year-old as Barny Barnicott (previoulsy worked with Arctic Monkeys) has been mixing his music and oh how radio-ready it is!

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