Coldplay: Tour of The Year



Coldplay’s A Head Full of Dreams tour was quite possibly the Tour of the year! As the British alternative-rock band stormed 124 shows across five continents, starting in Buenos Aires and ending there just over two weeks ago. It’s no wonder that the tour is the third highest-grossing concert in tour history.

I was lucky enough to bag myself tickets to one of the four sold-out nights at Wembley, which was originally their final date, just 15 Shows, psh! Of course Chris had more dates up his turquoise sleeves. Even just the journey across London, Coldplayers were everywhere! The atmosphere around the stadium was vibrant, a joining of older fans from the yellower era, to younger excitable first timers. Coldplay is the sort of band who can appeal to people of all ages, races and religious beliefs, the demographics could go on… Martin and his group of harmonious heroes have almost created a brand portraying themselves as world happiness advocates. I suppose this turns the stomachs of the more rock driven fans. But the good vibrations seem to be working and their popularity is ever-glowing … Ahem, I mean ever-growing.

Coldplay have always been a creative bunch from when the benevolent front man was able to sing every lyric backwards to more recent times were the band turns into unicycling elephants and dancing gorillas. Their tour reflected this creative streak with their use of pyrotechnics and laser visuals and of course the xylobands where back, creating an ocean of colourful waves each in tune to the beat of songs such as ‘Adventure of a lifetime’ and ‘Clocks’.

It would seem that the shows main objective was to get the audience as involved as possible and to remind us all that we’re part of something bigger on this planet. The night opens with Charlie Chaplin’s speech from The Great Dictator, in which he advises the human race to unite. That, added to touching tributes towards some of the stars we’ve lost in the past year created an intense emotional blanket over North London. Chris covered David Bowies ‘Heroes’, dedicated ‘The Scientist’ to Nick Caves, late son and with a tear-jerking performance of ‘Everglow’ video clips of Muhammad-Ali filled the screens and minds of some 80,000 people.

Throughout the show, an abundance of early material causes a major dose of sing-a-long with ‘Yellow’, ‘Fix You’ and ‘Viva la Viva’ being the greatest crowd-pleasers, the stadium wasn’t show-casing a four-man band but one huge band, were everybody was a member. The combination of a sold-out stadium, use of fireworks and confetti that is perfectly timed with the blue-eyed front man’s enthusiastic leap, brings an energy to the audience who join in on the jumping action with ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’.

As the event is drawing to an end, body guards create a human-fenced path through the crowd as the fantastic four make their way to the C-Stage, taking song requests from fans on the gigantic screens. Only to return to the A-stage following a disguised Tom Cruise, to perform a remixed version of ‘Paradise’. If I’m going to be totally honest the new club-styled remix of the sensual song should have been left in a start-up DJ’s playlist, at least that’s where it sounded like it originated.

The evening came to a close with a jubilant version of ‘Up & Up’, oversized balloons in every colour that you could find on a paint pallet where bouncing around the stadium, Chris Martins limbs were being swirled around in every direction and the excitable entourage were raising their hands (like the song) up and up! The xylobands were enlightening the stadium giving a visual representation of ‘A Sky Full Of Stars’ and as they slowly started to dim the crowed encored the “OOooooOOOoo” of ‘Viva La Vida’ in one final standing ovation of applause.

Coldplay went onto perform their A Head Full of Dreams tour at ‘BBC R1 Big Weekend’ and ‘Glastonbury’, where again fans had tears rushing to their eyes. The band hints towards political views saying they’ve seen “the collapse of a country” after Brexit. Chris carried on with “We came here scared about the state of the world, but just seeing the vibe at Glastonbury makes me feel that people are great and together we can do wonderful things. Thank you for restoring my faith in the world”. The foursome also made the late Warrington band ‘Viola Beach’ headliners for the night singing their song ‘Boys That Sing’ as they compared the band to a younger Coldplay. Martin and co exclaimed “Let’s send it up the charts tomorrow” and before we knew it Viola Beach scored a number one album that week!

The tour included the half time performance at the 50TH Super-Bowl and appeared at the BRIT Awards with a sensitive duo/tribute to George Michael. The BRITs also saw a collaboration with The Chainsmokers with ‘Something Just Like This’. The band helped arrange the ‘One Love Manchester’ concert that was in aid of the bombing during Ariana Grande’s tour. Here they performed with previous enemy Liam Gallagher with ‘Live Forever’ and dedicated Oasis’s ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ in a duo with Arianna herself.

liam and chris

Image from: The Independent 

To think that the tour has come to an end is almost saddening, however a live album covering the tour, which was recorded during several shows, as well as a concert filmed in São Paulo, will thankfully be released and watch out for Coldplay at next year’s Grammys. They’ve managed two nominations their Kaleidoscope EP and Something Just Like This are up for awards!

Watch Coldplay – Fix you at Glastonbury

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